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Dolffanog Fawr Covid 19 Statement

April 2022

The well-being of our family, guests and friends who occasionally work with us is, and will always be our top priority.  We take great pride in our reputation for cleanliness and hygiene and will do everything we can to ensure this continues during these strange Covid times.

In response to the Covid 19 virus we have taken additional measures to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous.  These have been developed in conjunction with global and local public health authorities’ guidelines (including the WHO and the Welsh Assembly Government – as well as various industry organisations such as Visit Wales, UK Hospitality and the B&B Association.


Daily House Cleaning 

  • We will be operating a two stage cleaning process: firstly cleaning with hot soapy water followed by sanitising with BS EN 14476 sanitiser.
  • Public areas and high volume guest touch point areas including door handles, hand rails and tables.

Check in

  • Rooms will be available for check in 4pm -9pm and guests will be welcomed either in the car park or at the front door adhering to 2m social distancing advice.
  • On arrival bedroom doors will be closed with a sanitised key in the door.
  • Breakfast order forms will be in bedrooms on arrival and will be required to be completed and left in a pre-arranged place by 9pm each day.
  • Any guest who develops symptoms during their stay will be asked to head home safely and seek medical advice. In the unlikely event you are recommended to self-isolate here you will be liable for the extended costs incurred at the going rate.

Guest rooms management and cleaning protocols

  • Rooms will be cleaned using our two stage process as stated above after each stay.
  • We will not be cleaning/tidying the room during your stay. If guests leave bins and cups etc in a prearranged place outside their bedroom we will leave clean replacements.
  • Each day we will ask guests to leave their windows open, weather permitting, and to put their bins outside to be emptied along with any dirty cups, glasses or towels.
  • Anti-bacterial soap along with hand sanitiser will be available in each room for guest to use.
  • Please feel free to bring any PPE or additional cleaning/sanitising equipment with you for your stay.
  • There will be sanitiser stations at all entrances to the house and the dining room for guests to use.

Dining room and meals

  • Guests will be allocated a table for breakfast on the first morning and will be expected to use this table for the remainder of their stay.
  • Guests will be asked to choose their breakfast time so their breakfast will be ready for them at the arranged time.
  • Each table will have their own set of condiments, jams and sauces in single use pots.
  • Prepacked yogurts and cereals will be available as individual portions.
  • Fruit juice and hot drinks will be on your table at the pre-arranged time and cooked breakfasts will served to your table by staff wearing PPE as required.
  • Unfortunately we cannot allow any ‘take-aways’ to be consumed in the bedrooms.

Check out

  • All guests will be asked to call if they develop symptoms within 14 days of check out.

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